Recruiting high calibre staff


Recruiting high calibre staff

I have worked with Key Executives as a client since 1995 when I was HR Director for my previous company.  At that time the company was growing its revenue by 60% over a four year period and this in turn increased our demand for permanent staff where in the... read more »

Understand the business requirements

I again had the pleasure of working with Key Executives in my next position as Group HR Director. Again Key Executives soon came to understand the business requirements and culture to ensure that they were placing staff who met our requirements. We had a particular demanding assignment where we... read more »

Thank you for the excellent help

Just a short note to thank you for the excellent help you have given us recently recruiting two new staff members. The quality of candidates presented to us for selection and interview was very high and both recruits have turned out to be a good fit for the business. The costs... read more »