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Client Services
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Client Services

We are able to provide a tailored service to suit our client’s needs. See below for a full range of our services.


Retained Executive Search

An Executive Search follows a step-by-step pattern of events and is a pro-active recruitment exercise where, because we are retained by the Client, we in essence, become an extension to their own management team. We believe this logical, professional, targeted approach not only provides a far higher calibre of candidate from which to select but also offers a very high success rate. We do not accept assignments where success cannot be virtually guaranteed. Our activities are conducted with total confidentiality and we observe absolute discretion at all times. Our in-house research team have experience of supporting numerous UK and Pan European Search assignments and discreetly and professionally source candidates that meet specific technical and sector requirements. We are experienced at managing complex and sensitive recruitment assignments and provide in-depth knowledge on recruitment strategies and assessment techniques.


Advertised Search (Campaign Management)

Executive Search and advertising maximises your chances of finding the ideal candidate in a short space of time. The two together could enhance your ‘profile’ and visibility in the market place or if you prefer to remain anonymous, we can fly our corporate flag for you.


Interim Management

We maintain a strong database of experienced referenced candidates that can deliver cost effective solutions for short term resourcing needs or skill shortages. They provide an immediate injection of skills during periods of change or resourcing shortages. We provide these candidates on either a daily / hourly rate or fixed term contract basis.

One of the key challenges for business leaders today is to identify, develop and retain outstanding individuals, who are able to deliver a superior performance, both individually and as part of a team.
Consultants at Key Executives recognise this and have geared their professional services to address this need.


Psychometric Analysis

An optional service, which can be used in addition to the search process where we use the services of an external consultancy. Psychometric and Aptitude Testing procedures can be carried out to evaluate the personality and the numerical and verbal reasoning skills of candidates at any level. This can highlight areas where candidates may require more training and whether they have the personal qualities that you desire. It is however only used as an additional tool to assist you in your final recruitment decision and can be very useful when your shortlist of candidates is a close run race.


Screening Interviews

All candidates submitted will have been closely screened through our own interview process to match your specific requirements.


Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is an additional benefit to both our client companies and candidates which have been successfully placed. As we all know, the first few months of a new employee is a critical time and this process is aimed at settling in your new employee, to maximise their performance and ensure that they become effective in your business. Offering guidance and assistance in partnership with your own organisation’s support network.

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